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To all Barista and interested people,

We want to share our knowledge and passion for coffee with you. We offer barista courses and advanced training courses. You will be mentored by Sebastian Höhne, former employee of Thomas Schweiger (German Barista Champion 2011 and 2012), how to extract the "perfect" espresso with a traditional portafilter machine. The training includes all essential steps of a Barista like foaming milk the best way or Latte art.

PS: Your are invited to bring your own espresso machine to the barista course.


Sebastian Höhne

The art of coffee brewing

Cultivation, processing, roasting
Adjusting the coffee grinder and handling of the espresso machine
Preparation of a „perfect“ espresso
Preparation of all typical coffee specialities
Preparing filter coffee
Mainentance of the Espresso machine


Preparation of Latte art milk foam
Training of the right pouring techniques
Pouring of different Latte art designs
The right barista jug

Barista Courses

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